Graphic presentation of data can be influenced by the low number of inhabitants in municipality.

How many of us live in Slovakia?

We are introducing an interactive age structure of population which enables a simple comparison of the composition of inhabitants by sex and age in individual years available for Slovakia and up to the lowest territorial level.

The representation of individual age categories divided by men and women is shown in a simple graphic form. The choice of a territorial parameter allows the selection of the level of the Slovak Republic, region, district or individual municipalities. The choice of a reference year is available on a timeline. By using the button lock/unlock Lock/Unlock it is possible to monitor time changes of two mutually comparable territorial units.

Data for the Slovak territory is available since 1945. At the lower territorial level statistical information is displayed since 1996.*

Regarding the territorial division of cities Bratislava and Košice, the aggregates for their districts (Bratislava I-V, Košice I-IV) are included in the choice of districts.

The source data with a link located below the graph is stored in a single public database DATAcube.

Selected age pyramid can be printed or downloaded by clicking the button at the top right corner of the graph.

Structure of population by sex and age (as of Dec. 31)


0 – 14 years:

15 – 64 years:

65 and more years:



* According to the Act No 221/1996 Coll. the territorial and administrative division of the Slovak Republic was changed and came into force on July 24, 1996 subdividing the territory of the SR into 8 regions and 79 districts. It replaced the territorial and administrative division of the SR valid until July 23, 1996 (4 regions – Bratislava the capital, Západné Slovensko, Stredné Slovensko, Východné Slovensko and 38 districts).

Regarding the technology changes in processing of demographic statistics since 1996 the processing of demographic data in individual files and contents of the source publications differs from the source publications processed until 1995.

Since 2012, birth statistics have included only children born in Slovakia and children born abroad who were registered on permanent residence in the SR.